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Redding Pool Cleaner Removes Shark from Residential Pool


Pool technicians from Guiton?s Pool Center removed a displaced freshwater shark from a swimming pool in South Redding earlier today. Recent flooding had apparently washed the animal from a nearby canal into the large backyard pool, where the owner (who asked that their name remain confidential) said it ?nearly ate my dog,? before it was wrangled into a skimmer net by their pool cleaner, Eric Nihart.

Said Nihart, ?Another of our techs was working on a pool a few blocks away and I had to call him in for backup because my net wasn?t big enough!?

The shark, a young bull shark, was handed over to Animal Control for a health screening and eventual release back into the wild. ?Hopefully somewhere far away from my backyard,? said the pool owner.

Nihart seemed good-natured about the interruption to his workday ? ?You go out to clean pools, you never know what you?re gonna get.? The owner?s dog was less amused by the situation, and refused to approach either the pool or this reporter for the duration of the interview.

You probably figured it out – this article is a little April “Pools” Day joke! But our awesome pool technicians are no joke, and they’ll keep your pool clear, year-round, so you can enjoy an algae-free, shark-free, and carefree swim! Click here or call 530-221-6656 to learn more about our pool service. (Yes, we clean hot tubs too!)