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Computer-Aided Pool Design


Scroll to see the evolution of a pool, from design to realization.

Digital Dreaming


In this digital rendering, you can see many of the features that remained a part of the finished pool, including the inset hot tub, fire bowls, and diving board. Detailed designs allow homeowners to see exactly what the finished pool will look like and how it will integrate with their landscaping.

From Blueprints to Blue Water


This nighttime shot of the finished pool shows the inset hot tub and a swim-up bar with underwater bar stools (in the far corner of the pool). You can see the other side of the swim-up bar in the digital rendering in the previous slide.

Fully Realized


This daytime shot of the completed project shows many of the original design aspects – the palm tree landscaping details, inset hot tub, raised fire bowls, and diving board, as well as the gorgeous view from the finished pool!

Pool Features and Frills


Scroll to see rock waterfalls, cascades, outdoor fireplaces, jets, swim-up bars, laminars, attached spas, custom lighting and decking – the sea’s the limit.

Rock Cascade


The cascade pictured above is one of the largest rock waterfalls we have created for a pool owner. Relax to the sound of water rippling over natural rock work and add that extra WOW! factor to your pool.



Add a splash of fun and visual interest to your pool with a decorative fountain. Whether you want to listen to the relaxing sound of water, or the kids or grandkids want to splash around under the spray, a fountain brings your pool to life!



A smooth cascade of clear water, rippling like liquid glass into your pool – build your own paradise with our relaxing waterfall options. Whether you’re relaxing on the deck listening to the sound or splashing behind one with the kids to play a game of Marco Polo, the beauty of a waterfall will enhance your pool environment.

Jets and Laminars


Add an extra touch of class and visual interest to your pool with decorative jets and laminars. The “laminar flow” effect means that each stream of water appears motionless and as solid as glass. It’s a truly mesmerizing effect, and one that will have friends and family “oohing” and “aahing” as they try to figure out how it works!

Swim-Up Bars


Serve your guests straight from poolside with a custom-designed swim-up bar. No need to travel to a resort in Tahiti – bring the resort experience home and enjoy your iced drinks and summer snacks without ever leaving your blissfully cool pool waters. Beautiful hand-tiled barstools are both comfortable and stunning!

Built-In Hot Tubs


Enjoy the beauty and comfort of your pool year-round with a custom built-in hot tub. Heated independently from the pool and with a variety of seating and jet options, our custom hot tubs integrate perfectly into your pool design and add that extra resort-like feel to your dream pool.

Outdoor Fire Pits


There’s nothing like gathering around a warm fire to dry off after a relaxing dip in the pool. Our beautiful, custom-designed fire pits extend the use of your pool area into evening hours and non-summer season use, allowing you to bask in the beauty of your private backyard oasis year-round!?

Custom Pool Lighting


?Add that extra touch of magic to your evening swims with customizable LED pool lighting. High efficiency, long-lasting lights with multiple color and brightness options allow you to create everything from simple, clean white lighting to a rainbow of cascading colors!

Deck the Decks


The decking that surrounds your pool is an integral part of the pool landscaping and design, and should be as beautiful as the pool itself! Whether you favor a natural stone, tile, or textured concrete look, we can create a custom pool deck that complements and beautifies your pool.

Pool Equipment


Only the brands and vendors with the longest track record, the highest quality, and the best guarantees make our exclusive list.

Pebble Sheen Pool Finish


A durable, non-slip surface with a refined finish that lasts for years. Pebble Sheen is our choice for a high-quality, durable pool finish that “goes the extra mile” in both brilliance and beauty.

Pentair Pool Products


Simply put, Pentair is the industry leader in quality, leading-edge pool equipment. Unparalleled cleaning, advanced automation, and energy-efficient construction all elevate Pentair far above the average pool equipment maker. Warranties on every piece of Pentair equipment we install mean that you also get extra peace of mind.

Can you remodel my existing pool?


Yes! We offer extensive remodeling services – everything from a near-complete rebuild of your pool to simply replacing an old diving board or changing out an old water feature.

What about pool financing options?


We have those too! A pool is an investment in the value and beauty of your home. We work with lenders experienced in pool-specific loans, and you can pre-qualify right from the link on our website!

What’s it like to build a pool with Guiton’s?


Over the last 51 years, our professional crews have built and/or remodeled over 2500 pools in the greater Redding area. We know pools, and we work hard to make your backyard dream come true.