Extend your swimming
season with solar power

Swim earlier. And later. And anytime in between.

You love your pool. As soon as those sunny April days hit, you’re ready to start your summer staycation early! What if your pool could be ready too?

Elm & Fafco solar pool heating can extend your swim season by up to two months, without adding to your gas and electric bills.

This year, enjoy your pool longer!

We installed a solar heater for our pool last fall. It was too late in the year to use it. So April came and we turned it on. With only a few good days of sunshine our pool temp has raised 15F to the mid 70s. This without any electricity or fuel. Looking forward to about six+ months of comfortable swimming. Thanks Guiton Pool Service!

This year, splash more and shiver less.

Imagine an invigorating swim on a bright Spring morning.

Or a game of water volleyball on an early Fall evening.

Imagine more family time, more you time – more pool time.

Want more details on solar pool heating?
Call our Service Department!

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